They also play in red and yellow

Tapiray no. 13 - Melchester Rovers

A bit of a cheat as Melchester are a ficticious team, but they play in red and yellow so.... Lead by Roy "of the Rovers" Race, Melchester have donned their red and yellow colours since the 50's when they appeared in Shoot comic. Half a century later both Roy and Melchester are still going strong and now appear in the BBC Match of the Day magazine.

Official website: www.royoftherovers.com

Thanks to: Dan Keogh, John Penman and John Mitchell

Tapiray no. 14 - FK Makedonija (FYR Macedonia)

A Macedonian club, founded in 1934. They are one of nine club's from the country's capital city Skopje. Since the Macedonian league was formed in 1992/93 they have been mainly a mid-table side in the top division, although they did spend one season in the Second Division. They have never won any major honours and their highest league position was third place in season 1997/98.

Thanks to: Michael McLaren

Tapiray no. 15 - Illawarra Lions FC (Australia)

Australian club formed in 1976 by the Macedonian church. Mainly a lower league club but in 1990, after going the whole season undefeated in NSW Division One, they were promoted to the pinnacle of Australian soccer, the National Soccer League. However, they were relegated after just on season in the top flight and haven't made it anywhere near getting back since then.

Thanks to: Jim Wilson

Tapiray no. 16 - Red Star Waasland (Belgium)

Minor league Belgian side from the town of St Niklaas in the north of the country, approximately 10 miles from the Dutch border. Formerly known as Red Star Haasdonk, they play in the national leagues, below the top two divisions in Belgium. They recently moved from the tiny Robert Waterschootstadion to the 10,000 capacity Puyenbeke-stadion.

Official website: www.redstar.be

Thanks to: Harold Wraggamuffin and Sven Poppe