They also play in red and yellow

Tapiray no. 53 - F91 Dudelange (Luxembourg)

2007/08 player Samir Louadj

F91 Dudelange (also known as F91 Diddeleng) are one of the top teams in Luxembourg. Based in the town of Dudelange (the third largest in the country), they were only formed in 1991 following a merger of three local teams who had fallen on bad times and decided the best way forward was to merge.

They took over Alliance Dudelange's place in the second division and won promotion to the top flight within a year. From the late 90's onwards they've gradually improved to become one of the top sides in the country. They won their first league title in 1999/00, and in 2004/05 became the first club in Luxembourg's history to reach the second qualifying round of the Champions League. They won the league and cup double for the first time the following season, and they have made a good start in defending their league title again this season (2007/08) as they already have a 10 point lead after only 9 games.

Links: Official site, Grondhopper (Belgian's blog about visiting Dudelange's ground)

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Tapiray no. 54 - Le Mans (France)

Drogba in the early 90's (L) & 2007/08 kit (R

Le Mans UC72 (full name Le Mans Union Club 72) play in the 16,000 capacity Stade Léon-Bollée in Le Mans, Western France, a city famous for it's 24h motor racing. The football club in it's current format was only founded in 1985 following the merging of the city's two struggling lower league sides, Union Sportive du Mans and Stade Olympique du Mans.

It didn't take long for Le Mans to establish themselves as a Second Divison side, and the decision to have just one club in the city paid of firstly when they reached the semi finals of French Cup in 1999, and then in 2003 when they made it to the French top-flight for the first time. Although they were promptly relegated after just one season, they bounced straight back and have since cemented their First Division status with successive mid-table finishes.

Their current strip (2007/08) is predominantly red (as worn here by Anthony Le Tallec, on loan to the club from Liverpool), but their colours are red and yellow and previously they've worn stripes, as can be seen in the other photo which shows Didier Drogba, he started his professional career there and featured for them in the Second Division before going on to bigger and better things! Another 'famous' ex-player is current Rangers striker Daniel Cousin.

Links: Official site

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Tapiray no. 55 - Christiania Sports Club (Denmark)

The 2004 top senior side

Christiania is a small partially self-governing free town in Copenhagen founded by rebellions on socialistic thoughts of a community different from the rest of Denmark. The Sports Club was founded in 1982, 11 years after Christiania was founded. They have three senior teams, the highest level the best plays at is in Serie 3 in the Football Association of Copenhagen (very low amateur level!).

Historically, every year the first of June the team plays a match against the police, a strange event due to the open drugs trade of Christiania being a thorn in the side of Danish authorities. Things have changed considerably in the past few years with the government first wanting the open hash trading to be made less visible then cut out altogether, and more recently the current centre-right government is taking a number of steps to ensure that Danish law is enforced in Christiania.

Links: Official site

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Tapiray no. 56 - KFC Poperinge (Belgium)

2006/07 season

Another Belgian side, but slightly different as KFC Poperinge are an amateur team playing at in the lower reaches of the Belgian football pyramid, at the time of writing they were in the West Flanders provincial division 2B.

Founded in 1910 they are one of two clubs from Poperinge, a town on the western edge of Belgium near the French border. Blue Star Poperinge are a couple of divisions above them, but they both play out of the same ground which holds roughly a couple of thousand. The facilities would put many Scotitsh clubs to shame, it's got a sport centre, athletics ground, and training pitches. The ground itself consists of a small stand on one side, with a covered terrace on the opposite touch line. There is also a canteen and function area occupying one of the corners.

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