Why did ptfc.net close?

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During the ten years or so that ptfc.net was online, Thistle survived almost going bust, went from the depths of the Second Division to the SPL and back again, and went from apparently being an ideally run club to heading towards financial Armageddon. As a result, the views voiced by many fans have ranged greatly, and haven't always been happy ones.

Throughout the ups and downs, and although the club was always extremely sensitive to any criticisms voiced by fans in the forum, ptfc.net simply strived to provide a balanced and independent Thistle resource for the Jags support. Above all else, to keep people informed, and provide Thistle fans with a way of keeping in touch with the club and their fellow fans wherever they happened to be in the world.

Unfortunately, in recent years the poor handling of numerous issues with supporters (offers of help rebuffed, issues with PTTV, lottery manager Bobby Briggs, the 800 Club and legal letters and other communications sent to ptfc.net) led to me becoming increasingly disillusioned with the way the club viewed and treated the fans. We kept hearing things would change, but the same people were still involved and consequently things didn't really change at all.

The letter sent to me by the chairman Allan Cowan at the end of season 2007/08 informing me that ptfc.net was no longer welcome to attend the managers' post match press interviews was just the final straw. With the sense of togetherness from the days of Save the Jags light years away, and me personally feeling saddened by the lack of cohesion in the Jags support in light of these kinds of issues, after ten years, it seemed to be the ideal time to bring ptfc.net to a close, and let someone else get involved and hopefully freshen up the unofficial presence of Jags fans on the internet.

Good luck to those who take on that task, and for now, keep following Thistle - what else is there to do? - And hopefully the club will eventually return to being one we can all feel proud to be part of.