Players of the 90's

Towards the end of 1999 the official Thistle matchday programme ran an interesting feature in which they took a brief look back at all the players who wore Thistle colours during the nineties. With the kind perrmission of the man who compiled the original list, current programme editor Tom Hosie, we've reproduced it online for everyone to look back on.

It was an eventful decade for the club, and some of the players you'll remember with fondess, others you'll probably not want to remember at all! Just to clear up any uncertainty the stats here apply only to matches played during the 1990's. Photos in this section are from variety of sources.

Click on the links corresponding to the player's surnames below to navigate through the complete list. The final link features the team of the decade.


Part 1 - Adams to Britton
Part 2 - Broddle to Campbell
Part 3 - Charnley to Dair
Part 4 - Dallas to English
Part 5 - Evans to Graham
Part 6 - Graham to Howie
Part 7 - Hringsson to Lawrence
Part 8 - Lennon to Mitchell
Part 9 - Montgomerie to McCue
Part 10 - MacDonald to McKenzie
Part 11 - McKeown to Newall
Part 12 - Nicolson to Ross
Part 13 - Shaw to Tejero
Part 14 - Tierney to Wylie
Part 15 - Team of the 90's