Players of the 80's

The official Thistle matchday programme ran a feature in which they took a brief look back at all the players who wore Thistle colours during the eighties, or to be more exact from the club's relegation in 1982 until the end of season 1989/90. It wasn't exactly an illustrious period in the club's history and there are a number of players who you'll probably have long forgotten about, but there are still some stars in amongst the list!

So with many thanks to then programme editor Niall Kennedy, we've reproduced it online for everyone to look back on. All of the photos used are from the programme and mostly provided by club photographer Tommy Taylor.


Part 1 - Abercromby to Carson
Part 2 - Clark to Docherty
Part 3 - Dodds to Graham
Part 4 - Grant to Kay
Part 5 - Kelly to McDonald
Part 6 - McDowall to McQuade
Part 7 - McStay to O'Hara
Part 8 - Park to Smith
Part 9 - Smyth to Wright