Thistle kits through the years

2006 to 2010

Following the ill-fated 'jester's top', there was a return to hoops and subsequent changes in manufacturer improved the look and quality of the kits.

2006-08 (h)
2006-08 (h): New kit makers Diadora kept it simple when reintroducing the traditional red and yellow hoops.
2006/07 (a)
2006/07 (a): A throwback to the old-style dark blue for the change strip, with the badge also in the centre.
2007/08 (a)
2007/08 (a): This stylish ice blue away top was a big hit with the fans, and really kick-started away top sales.

2008-10 (h)
2008-10 (h): This Puma made kit kept the traditional hoops but with a plain yellow back (and new club badge).
2008/09 (a)
2008/09 (a): The fashionable away tops continue, this time with the different, but popular, pink and grey hoops.
2009/10 (a)
2009/10 (a): Similar colours, but this time in a rather hideous/natty camouflage design.