Thistle kits through the years


The hoops stay constant in the home kit, but there's an ever increasing number of away kits - thankfully the club at least had the sense to give the fans a chance to design them. Although frequent changes of kit supplier didn't seem to help the quality of the kits.

1998/99 (a)
1998/99 (a): This plain white away top replaced the unpopular purple change strip.
1999/00 (h)
1999/00 (h): Minor changes with a new sponsor, different collar, and a switch to white shorts.
1999/00 (a)
1999/00 (a): There was little alteration to the white away top, though the club badge had some added colour.

2000/01 (a)
2000/01 (a): The new millenium brought with it a stylish black away kit designed by a fan.
2000-02 (h)
2000-02 (h): The home kit with broad hoops and black border was a classic fans favourite.
2001/02 (a)
2001/02 (a): A one-off silver 125 centenary kit with old-style Thistle badge; another popular top.