Thistle kits through the years

1991 to 1995

The 1990's brings with it frequent design changes, in particular with the away tops, as replica kit sales grow.

1991-93 (h)
1991-93 (h): Slight changes to the home kit, a new collar and trim on the shorts.
1991-93 (a)
1991-93 (a): The same fairly minimal changes are made to the white away kit.
1993-94 (h)
1993/94 (h): A new manufacturer (Bukta) brings with it a more modern look.

1993-94 (a)
1993/94 (a): The away kit is darker but the design retains the traditional Thistle colours.
1994-95 (h)
1994/95 (h): Next kit supplier (Matchwinner) add some black between the stripes.
1994-95 (a)
1994/95 (a): The away version of the kit utilises the old traditional dark blue colour.