Thistle kits through the years

1983 to 1991

We're not yet at the stage of kits changing every other season, but the dodgy 80's does see a couple of 'different' home strips.

1979-83 (a)
1979-83 (a): The away kit is now predominantley white with red trim.
1984-86: Out go the stripes for a bland pale yellow effort from the early 80's.
1987-89: Another dodgy 80's design with the rather garish 'Colonel Gee's' kit.

1989-91 (h)
1989-90 (h): The stripes make a welcome return, though with a rather strange mandarin style collar.
1989-91 (a)
1989-90 (a): The away version of the Spall manufactured kit is an all white affair.
1990/91 (a)
1990/91: The main change to the Texstyle World sponsored kits was the addition of the new 'modern' club badge.