Thistle kits through the years

1880 to 1960

The early kits show Thistle's changing traditions before eventually settling on the red and yellow.

Earliest kit
Late 1800's: An illustration of the early version of the dark blue strip worn by the Jags before the turn of the century.
Early 1900's
Early 1900's: Thistle also wore claret and blue in their early days, this photo is one of those kits, taken in 1905.
Early 1900's
Early 1900's: Another variation of a claret and blue, and they possibly also wore this kit in yellow and black.

1912 onwards
1912 - 1925: The dark blue strip was established, this one was worn when they won the Scottish Cup in 1921.
Mid 1920's
1925 - 1934: A later variation of the blue kit, now with a white design around the collar.
1935 - 1960
1935 - 1962: A stroke of genuis came in 1935 when the now traditional red and yellow hoops were introduced.