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Mar 2013
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The ptfc.net prediction Roll of honour:

2007/08 - dounreayjag (runner-up R Watson)
2006/07 - SymJagStu (runner-up jdwishbone)
2005/06 - derek 1971 (runner-up dingersdad)
2004/05 - balernojag (runner-up realjags)
2003/04 - Dinger (runner-up lambie)


About this site

Following the closure of the old site at ptfc.net, some of the content has been retained here at ptfcnet.co.uk. You'll find the photographic Kit History, TAPIRAY (other teams that play in red & yellow), a Brief History of Thistle, the Players of the 80's & 90's, and a handful of momentous Thistle moments captured on Video.

Historic KitsThe various Thistle Photos that were hosted on fotopic have now all been recovered; historic pictures, matchday mugshots and much more can now be found in the brand new photo gallery.

For even more historic images, check out: The Main Stand & PTFC Early Years. For a huge resource of historic information and images, visit the Thistle History Archive.

The latest Thistle news can of course be found on the Official Website, and fans views at the We Are Thistle forum.